Monday, July 20, 2015

Episode Five: Poppin’ Pebbles

Episode Five: Poppin’ Pebbles: Brian and Jones have returned from showing Comic Geeks in Wisconsin and relive the experience. Everyone talks about how cereal changed their lives. Plus, one of the dads loses a prized possession, while another dad gets sentimental about a childhood hobby.

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Some of the Viral Videos The Dads enjoyed.

Slingblade at the Drive Thru

Oops I Did It Again, music less


Smooth Jazz Enter Sandman

The pop culture mash-up to end all pop culture mash-ups...please end pop culture mash-ups
art by: Ming Doyle

What's News:

Brian's button secured (?) back on his sweater.

Comic Books Are Burning In Hell unfavorably reviewed Scott McCloud's new book, The Sculptor.

Jeff as Artax during a recent hike at Shaw's Nature Reserve

Artax as Artax during a recent hike through the Swamp of Sadness.

Jones educates us on the difference between a Goatee and a Van Dyke.

It Gets Better: This month's challenge was to eat 2 cereals that you've never had before.

Jones gargled some toast with Cream of Wheat.

Jeff's "fun" cereal choice, French Toast Crunch.

Jeff's "adult" choice, Kashi Honey Sunshine.

Brian regrets his "adult" choice, Krave.

He possibly also regrets his other choice, Poppin' Pebbles, but would eat them again.

New Challenge: Write a story by writing only one sentence to the story each day.

Jeff recommends Heck by Zander Cannon.
Brian recommends The Shoplifter by Michael Cho
Jones recommends the original Arthur with Dudley Moore.

Music for The Do-Dads provided by Keyboards R 4 Pussies.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Episode Four: The Internet w/ Justin Stewart

Episode Four: The Internet w/ Justin Stewart: On a very special Do-Dads Justin Stewart (Miami Vice Remix, Sequential Spirits, Six Bomb Boards) shows the Dads how focus and community make a strong artist even stronger.

Justin 3000

One Word Coversation: Bats
                                       The Internet

Transitional music this episode was Marmoset Boy written and performed by Boo Boo Bunny.

More artwork from and information about Justin Stewart can be found on his website:

Justin is a part of the Beaucoup Pop family and co-hosts Sequential Spirits.

Justin's Live Art Machine is Six Bomb Boards.

Ghost Rider, art by Justin Stewart

The Do-Dads theme song by Keyboards R 4 Pussies