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Episode Seven: Story Time

Episode Seven: Story Time: One of the dads forgets to push a button resulting in poor audio quality. As a group the dads talk about stories they’ve been enjoying and then share their own stories that were written one sentence a day.

Keyboards R 4 Pussies or Keyboards R 4 Wussies? Either way the theme song was written and performed by him.

Silver Spoons


Perfect Strangers

Keep up on all the groan worthy news for Fuller House.

The Singing Bush

Remo Williams

What's News?

Action and Superhero movies were, of course, discussed heavily.


Danger 5


Hero at Large

Marvel's Netflix plan is five shows using their street level heroes culminating in The Defenders.

Experiments in Altruism with Children and Chimps

Leadership from a Shirtless Dancing Man

It Gets Better

This past month The Dads have been writing one sentence a day in an ongoing story. These are the stories they wrote.

Brian's Story:
I tumbled down the stairs into the darkness.

"Who turned out the light?" I shouted!

"You didn't take out the trash!" my mother shouted back.

I fumbled in the dark for the light switch

As I found the switch and turned on the light, I saw two large trash bags sitting on the stairs.

I grabbed the bags and headed outside.

I threw the second bag into the trashcan as I heard something twitch behind me.

I know that sound. The sound of a matchstick across a boot heel followed soon after by the smell of a cheap cigar.

I spin around and lock eyes with eyes that are all too familiar: my own.

"What are you doing here?" I demand, "I thought we fixed everything."

"So did I," "I" say, but in a much more grizzly voice.

It's still hard to get used to.

This me from the future, recruiting me to fight a war "I" started.

But we finished it and I was able to come home, as much as this dump is home.

"Quit daydreaming," "I" say.

"I wouldn't come back if I didn't have to."

I'm frustrated and confused.

I "lost" two years of my life fighting that war and I'd really rather not sacrifice anymore time getting caught up in something I now know how to prevent.

"Why do I have to go to the future to fix this when you've come back here and know how to stop it?"

"I" freeze after a pause "my" face contorts beyond human ability.

I swear I see steam filtering out of "my" ears.

After 30 seconds of confused silence "I" begin to utter something incomprehensible.

It almost sounds like clicks and whirs.

Then it hits me: the gravity of the situation has changed.

Not just the gravity, but the whole climate.

The environment has been altered, the air is suddenly cooler.

That's when I realize my future is in danger because I'm knee deep in it in the present!

Suddenly, I'm surrounded by six or seven Reptoids™, reptilian-based cyborgs.

They're armed to the teeth, not to mention their teeth!

"I'm unarmed," I shout, trying to diffuse the tension.

But if there's one thing I remember about Reptoids™, it's that they are just as brainless as their reptile ancestors.

"That's enough!" from beyond the circle of troops comes a strong voice.

At first, the Reptoids™ do nothing, but a quick, shrill siren sounds and the troops stand down.

"Good boys," again from the strong voice. Its host steps into the light.

Jeff's Story:
If it wasn't for the bats, lizards, ghosts, ghouls and spiders it would be a really nice house.

Take the swiveling bookcase as an example.

The one that opens up to reveal a totally rad, cavernous, secret tunnel that leads from the lab to the middle of the labyrinth outside.

That would be the best part of the house if it wasn't for the naked, slimy ghost of Maurice Chesterbottoms pacing around down there moaning all night.

Of course, Nathan wasn't complaining.

It just made it more difficult to keep a girlfriend.

Most women ran screaming at the first sight of ol' Maurice's balls and chain.

Let's face it; everyone ran screaming.

Nathan was alone.

He had been alone since moving into the house 13 years ago.

Alone with the 23 previous tenants and their ectoplasmic, emotional baggage.

It was time for a change.

It wasn't entirely clear how the idea to host a party had come to him, but Nathan had immediately began planning before his nerves could overtake him.

And there was lots of planning to do since this would be no ordinary party.

This was much more.

This would be Nathan's quest for a true friend.

On the night of the party Nathan took two showers, spread deodorant on any fold or crease in his body, brushed his teeth and ate a pack of Lifesavers Winter Mints, then put on the tuxedo he had purchased that morning and left in it's airtight plastic bag right up until the moment he expected his first guest to arrive.


Nathan opened the door expecting guests to slowly stream in throughout the evening.

Instead, as the door creaked open, he was greeted by hundreds of anxious and excited faces.

You see, Nathan had spent the weeks leading up to the party creating flyers, mailers and short radio ads for the local AM station.

"Hello friends!

On August 7th at 6:30pm sharp come to 66 Dracu Lane for an amazing party!

Food, drinks, friends, definitely no ghosts or weird stuff!

Plus a contest!

Last person standing gets the ultimate prize!" read the flyer with a clip art photo he had found that looked like his house.

What he had underestimated was the excitement of attending a party at an apparent haunted house with the promise of a prize.

The first hour of the party Nathan spent at the front door greeting people as the walked in.

He was called away from that duty when there was a loud bang in the kitchen.

Jones's Story:
Spiderman is waiting in a bar with Maynard.

They both started talking about the weather.

The subject of lightening came up.

They both admired the beauty and spookiness that lightening represents.

Maynard started talking about how he liked what lightening added to the old movies, Spiderman agreed.

Maynard told Spidey how when there were thunderstorms in his youth he would ask God if he could become The Flash.

Spiderman looked at him like he was an odd duck.

Inside his brain Spiderman understood the sentiment.

Just then lightening flashed through the open doors and windows.

Thunder rolled through the bar like it was going out of style.

The thunder made Spiderman hungry for a cheeseburger.

Just then Neal came shooting into the entry of the bar.

He ran to the bathroom.

He looked like Groucho Marx as he darted through the room.

Spiderman got the idea to go for a ride with Neal.

He liked the stories of how Neal drives an automobile.

The idea popped into his head but he decided to leave the bar.

He left without letting anyone know.

I decided to leave as well.

Maynard told me goodbye and I was on my way.

As I was walking down the street I could still see lightening in the distance.

I did not speak up, but I too thought about becoming The Flash as a youth when I saw lightening.

Just then Neal zoomed past me at breakneck speeds.

He must have left the bar after he was done with his bathroom adventure.

I could see Spiderman ahead of me walking.

I started to think about how Spiderman and I want to grade school together.

People everywhere called him Spiderman.

Then again, if my last name was Spiderman I would never let on that my first name was Maurice.

New Challenge: Do not look in a mirror for 1 month. Glances, looking to shave or groom, and accidental looks are ok.

Brain had a few recommendations including Silverblade and Uptight by Jordan Crane.

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Episode Six: Education w/ Heath Mitchell and Dave Callahan

Episode Six: Education w/ Heath Mitchell and Dave Callahan: On a very special Do-Dads Heath Mitchell and Dave Callahan (AR Flashcards) teach the dads how technology is changing the face of education.

One Word Conversation: Education

Transitional music was clips from Alphabet of Nations , used without permission, written and performed by They Might Be Giants.

Heath and Dave are the creators of AR Flashcards, which uses Augmented Reality to enhance learning.

Sample from AR Flashcards Alphabet

Jones trying it out.

Video of how it works.

Mitchlehan Media is also experimenting with I AM Cardboard.

The music of The Postal Service is really great.

When in town visit The St.Louis Science Center.

Disney's River Country is a fascinating story. 

Theme music for The Do-Dads is by Keyboards R 4 Pussies,