Sunday, May 10, 2015

Episode Three: Yin v. Yang

Episode Three: Yin v. Yang: One of the Do-Dads has an existential crisis while another Dad has been doing just great. Everyone checks in on how listening to Metal music has changed their lives and a new challenge is presented.

The episode opens with discussion on books by Mo Willems.

What's News:

The Dad's beloved comic book store, Starclipper, closed its doors. Also of note is Comic Headquarters, another loved comic book store, is closed after its owner passes away.

Tiny Thief is a very fun puzzle game created by 5 Ants.

Brian recommends using Field Notes to make lists.

It Gets Better:

For the first challenge the Dads were asked to listen to more Metal. Jeff gained at least an understanding of his friends who listen to Metal. Jones already enjoyed some Metal. Brian failed the first challenge and couldn't bring himself to listen to anything. He did, however, spend some time finding funny videos involving Metal like this one...

A helpful documentary on the history of Metal:

Babymetal has to be experienced:

New challenge is to try 2 cereals you've never had before. 
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Jones thinks you should read Grant Morrison's The Multiversity.
Jeff thinks you should listen to The Worst Idea of All Time.
And please visit Comic Geeks, Brian's web series, to keep up on Season 1.

Music for The Do-Dads was provided by Keyboards R 4 Pussies.

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